• Strategy

    …bringing a holistic approach to Social Media; creating a comprehensive Social Media Marketing plan and roadmap…

  • Research

    …performing social research to drive SocialCRM strategy; utilizing sophisticated analytics and modeling techniques; incorporating conversational analysis of brand, competitor and category; identifying Influencers with reach, relevance and resonance; executing primary research to create personas and attitudinal segments…

  • Communities

    …creating and implementing your brand’s destination where customers, markets, audiences with common interests and passions meet to dialogue, share; creating a true value exchange…

  • Creative Thinking

    …ideating; creating exceptional experiences for your target markets; enhancing and creating content to drive engagement; bringing social readiness to appropriate social networks…

  • ROI

    …monetizing your social media marketing investments; establishing baseline metrics and success indicators; building a social media reporting structure; integrating a SocialCRM database strategy…

  • SocialCRM Training

    …transferring knowledge and experience with best of breed social technologies, CRM management and strategy implementation; developing and launching a Social Media Marketing Operating System…

Moving from Social Media to SocialCRM

Through research, technology, sophisticated analytics and creative thinking

Strategic Thinking

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Sense markets, conversations and sentiments. Identify relevant Influencers with reach and resonance.
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Valuate individuals and market segments by profitability and propensity to purchase.

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Knowledge Transfer

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Engage audiences by creating exceptional experiences and value propositions.

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Monetize all social media investments through database marketing strategies and execution.
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Come Together...Observing the Evolution of Social Marketing

February 7, 2013  |  No comment

I  have been totally remiss in keeping up and sharing in Bodera's blog.  Lot's of real excuses.  The old adage of the cobbler never working on his own shoes comes to mind.  But we have been busy working on various client's socialcrm needs.  Over the last 2 or 3 months I continue to observe the changes that are rapidly taking place in social marketing.  Brands are beginning to embrace the idea that social marketing is the biggest game changer to come along in years.  They're really trying to figure how this all comes together.  Together meaning social driving incremental revenue and loyalty....
Translation...Swifter, Higher, Stronger.  It's actually...

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