Cultural Resonance

When your audience uses what you’ve created to talk to each other about something meaningful that they’ve been observing in their culture you have achieved a level of authenticity that drives the value stream with consumers. We optimize your social segment strategy by recognizing how your Hispanic multicultural consumers and influencers wish to be treated—that gives way to sharing the right content, concept and empowering technology. It’s the emotional influence of Social CRM through the cultural lens.


Trust is the motivation that Latinos desire

Searching for answers and rewarding experiences is earned by being authentic.
Monetize all social media marketing investments and demonstrate the value of monitoring metrics to implement a strategic measurement model for Latinos.
You can provide a new level of engagement that changes the role of marketer from creator to conductor—optimizing the full potential of both the Spanish-dominant as well as English-dominant consumers.


Turn conversaciónes into meaningful brand insights and revenues—it’s what we do.

What happens when social media meets multicultural marketing? We create brand awareness and sub-segment strategies that are more relevant to provide deeper engagement with Hispanic Influencers.

Our intension is to help our clients, marketers and online contributors to serve minority-majority consumers more effectively by turning meaningful cultural insights into solid social CRM strategy solutions.

Clients choose to work with us because we are not the typical marketing communications or social media firm. As a team of specialized marketing consultants, our purpose is to build on the strength of your internal data-driven resources, introduce new social tools and CRM strategies that drive results from a culturally relevant mindset to optimize your total customer universe. What about you? Are you typical, or are you exceptional at what you do?

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