Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer. You don’t want us around forever right? We excel at transferring our knowledge of Social Media Marketing to your team. Social Media Marketing is highly dynamic. Things change quickly. We build out a plan to transfer ownership of your Social efforts. Otherwise what good is a Strategy and Plan when you don’t know how to maintain it?

We go beyond Strategic Thinking to bring your team:

  • Transfer Plans that allow your team to understand Social Media Marketing
  • Ongoing Training in various formats, on demand and onsite
  • Systems that onboard new hires faster
  • Testing to ensure they get it

So what does this mean to you and your Marketing team?

  • They don’t spend your budget “learning” but actually doing
  • Learn when they need to and how often to reduce costs
  • Series based Training allows new hires to have a program so nothing critical is missed
  • Measure how well the team is performing, as your Voice builds online